Vehicle Impounded?

Has Your Vehicle Been Impounded?

If your vehicle has been impounded, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We know what a dilemma it can cause and are sympathetic to that. Summit Towing holds contracts with numerous properties throughout the county and only impound vehicles when requested to do so.

If your vehicle has been impounded by summit towing:

  • Please call us to confirm we have possession of the vehicle, verify which location it is at and the amount owed. (Be advised that if a vehicle is under law enforcement hold, there may be additional requirements to be met before vehicle can be redeemed.)
  • Please read through the ‘VEHICLE IMPOUNDS & STATE LAWS’ section below to ensure you meet all requirements necessary for the release of a vehicle.
  • Make sure to bring photo ID, payment in full & any additional items necessary to move your vehicle out of impound.
  • We accept all major credit/debit cards and cash.

vehicle impounds & state laws: things you need to know

The following regulations are Washington State Law and are strictly enforced. Please take the time to read through them to ensure you meet all of the necessary requirements before attempting to redeem a vehicle.

  1. Only the person(s) or company currently listed with the department of licensing as the registered &/or legal owners of a vehicle will be allowed to access or redeem it from impound.
  2. The registered owner or legal owner must be present and provide photo identification.
  3. All towing and storage fee’s must be paid in full before a vehicle can be released.
  4. If vehicle has a law enforcement hold on it, you must provide the release from police agency.

*** If you are not the listed registered or legal owner with the department of licensing, you will need to provide a signed title and bill of sale as proof of ownership.

office hours are monday – friday, 8am – 5pm

if you need to access or redeem a vehicle outside of those hours, you may do so for an additional fee. please call in advance to make those arrangements.